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·Aiding the World's Children a charitable organization ensures that families living in poverty have an adequate supply of diapers for their infants and toddlers;

· To ensure working class families have support with diaper products for their child while working or going to school to better their family’s life

· To raise community awareness that "basic human needs" include diapers and that these needs are not being met for children living in poverty;

· To advocate for policy reform so that diapers are included in the definition of and provision for the "basic human needs" of families.       


In response to the lack of public assistance for purchasing diapers and recognizing the subsequent stress placed on economically vulnerable families at critical times, The diaper bank program was created in May of 2016. Modeled on successful regional food banks, The Diaper Bank collects diapers and cash donations for bulk purchases of diapers. The diapers are then distributed through existing local agencies including shelters, food pantries, day-care, and health facilities.

The success of Aiding the World’s Children is dependent upon strong liaisons with community agencies that share a commitment to the mission of distributing diapers to families in need. The National Diaper Bank (NDB) requires that communication between Aiding the World’s Children and its participating agencies is strong and effective. 

This manual provides the guidance and procedures necessary for successfully accomplishing the goals of the Diaper Distribution Network.

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